X-Labeled’s mission is to provide individualistic, purposeful clothing that goes beyond the ordinary, by focusing on designing through concepts of detail, function and cuts.

 X-Labeled is a Dubai-based fashion brand with a multidisciplinary approach. Founded with the concept of eliminating labels to provide unconventional, functional and modern clothing for the distinctive and creative individual. No Labels, No Limits, Know Your Worth.
Our message to you is, reflect on what’s important to you that cannot be labeled. Wake up, with the intention to succeed everyday. Get dressed to look the part and feel undeniable! Strive to defy the conventions of society and get noticed by creating your own mark. See the beauty in the struggle, know your worth, know your potential and be relentlessly and ferociously yourself.
X-Labeled reinterprets classics by deconstructing through the pattern-making process, traditional ideas of menswear in order to construct new fits and silhouettes. Shirts/1 is the first collection from X-Labeled’s division “/” collection. The / divisions focus on designing a specific item, than an overall look. Each / will have four designs with multiple styles.
A/W 17 inspiration
The vast dispersion of electrical transmission towers and layers of lattice structures, in the midst of a city, was the inspiration behind Shirts/1. The collection has a range of unique pattern-cutting techniques, elimination of side-seams, contrast binding, and pockets. Shifts in grain-line and asymmetrical cuts allow for subtle visual movement on the surface of the garment, a s similar effect experienced by driving past these transmission towers.
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